How Vegetarian-based Food Helps Fight Cancer

The adverse effects of heavy meat consumption are clear and easily understandable. Many toxic products are not routinely and readily tested or screened in the approval of food products. However, with medical knowledge and logical analysis, these toxic products invariably exist, and are created by various processes:

(1) Animals are often raised in artificial, confined and inhumane conditions different from their natural habitat since a young age. As a result, they are deprived of natural resources necessary for normal growth. To adapt for survival, their bodies secrete various substances that may be toxic to us if ingested.

(2) To promote reproduction and increase productivity, animals are force-fed or injected with various drugs including antibiotics, steroids, sedatives and hormones. These substances can remain in the animal’s body when they die, and are later ingested by us.

How Vegetarian-based Food Helps Fight Cancer

(3) It is almost impossible to determine whether various artificial additives or unhygienic dietary habits of animals are harmful to us.

(4) Many diseases suffered by animals, e.g. tumours, parasite infestation, bacterial and viral infections are not readily or routinely screened or tested during food manufacturing and approval.

(5) When animals are maltreated and slaughtered, various hormones and toxins are produced in response to their suffering, struggles, and adverse emotions of anger and despair. These substances may be toxic to our body when ingested.

(6) After animals die, they decompose and release various toxic substances?

(7) The processing of meats frequently involves the use of preservatives and additives that are potentially harmful.

(8) The farming of animals with offence to normal physiological processes, including feeding animals with particular materials to make suckling pigs and veal, are potentially harmful to us.

Large amounts of animal fats, proteins and hormones are harmful to the human body.

How Vegetarian-based Food Helps Fight Cancer

Nowadays, farm cows start to produce milk at an early age of two. The amount of milk production is also more than ten times that of usual. This is the result of the use of large amounts of steroids in the farming process.

Studies have also shown that certain steroids present in milk can stimulate abnormal proliferation of cells in the ovary. Others have proposed that steroids found in milk are associated with the development of breast cancer.

Researchers in Philadelphia have found through epidemiological studies that milk products are associated with increased risk of prostate cancer. Another study in Japan has also stated that frequent intake of dairy products increases the risk of prostate cancer by up to 60%.

Moreover, intake of milk produced by cows farmed with exogenous steroids further increases the risk of cancer.


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