Top 8 Cancer Causing Foods That You Should Avoid Every Day

Modern people fear to talk about cancer. Although they have paid more attention to their health, the rate of cancer is still rising continuously. The research finds that about 30% of deaths caused by cancer are related with diet. Therefore, avoiding the carcinogenic food is one of the key factors to prevent cancer. Here we introduce the following 8 most cancer-causing foods for readers. Avoiding such foods or trying to eat less will help you reduce of the cancer risk.

1. Processed Meat

Cancer-causing foods: processed meat

Ham, turkey, bacon, sausage and hot dog. Such processed meat is mouthwatering, especially is the favorites of the young people. However, amounts of chemical preservatives are contained in them, making the meat look fresher and more lustrous. These preservatives may account for cancer. However, nitrate and sodium nitrate contained in the meat can add the risk of colon cancer and other forms of cancers. Meat products not pickled and not containing preservatives shall be chosen.

2. Soda Water

Cancer-causing foods: Soda water

Drinking excessive soda water may cause cancer. Sugar, chemicals and dyes contained in soda water will sour the body and promote the growth of cancer cells. The common chemicals in the soda water, such as caramel pigment and its derivative 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI for short) will account for cancer. Drinking more than one cup of soda water every day is extremely harmful to the human body. Hence, reducing the intake of soda water can lower the occurrence rate of cancer.

3. Red Meat

Cancer-causing foods: Read Meat

Red meat is the favorite of American people, which mainly refers to beef. Eating large amounts of red meat every day will promote the growth of cancel cells in the body, despite benefits to health of less red meat. One research conducted by the Harvard Medical School founds that intestinal cancer risk will increase if eating red meat very often and excessively. The same research also reveals that fish and chicken are healthier choices in the aspect of preventing and reducing cancer growth.

4. Dirty Fruits

Cancer-causing foods: Dirty Fruits

Some fruits like apples, grapes or strawberries may contain pesticide residues, which may do more harm than good to the health, and increase the cancer risk, unless consumers buy organic fruits which have been proved to be free of pesticide. American Environmental Working Group finds that, 98% of traditional agricultural products, including these fruits, are subject to the pollution of carcinogenic pesticides. When pregnant women eat the polluted fruits, deficient weight may occur to the born babies. While the chemical substances in the pesticide residues contained in the apples, oranges, strawberries and grapes may be the most harmful. 90% of these fruits contain pesticide residues, and washing fruits cannot solve problems.

5. Canned Tomatoes

Most canned foods are not good to the health, with canned tomatoes being the worst. Painted with the chemical product bisphenol-A (BPA for short) on the inner layer of the cans, which will accelerate the cancel cells growth in the body, highly toxic to the human body. Further, the tomato itself contains high-concentration acidity, causing BPA to decompose from the inner layer, entering the food, extremely harmful to the health.

6. Potato Chips

Potato chips contain large amount of acrylamide. When foods are toasted or fried at high temperature, this kind of chemical substance will be activated. Researches on animals find that these chemical substances will cause various cancers. Besides acrylamide, the chips also contain artificial condiments, many types of preservatives and dyes and so on. They all do harm to the health. Toasted potato chips or corn chips are more healthy, both having lower fat and calories.

7. Alcohol

Although beneficial to the cardiovascular health by drinking a little alcohol, drinking excessively will bring serious bad sides. A survey conducted by America on 200 thousand women finds that, compared with women who absolutely don’t drink, the breast cancer risk among those women who dink one cup of wine or less increases by 30%. Alcohol is the second cause of cancer at present, only next to smoking. Drinking excessively also causes cardiac failure, stroke or sudden death. WHO IARC (The World Health Organizations International Agency for Research on Cancer) finds that alcohol may cause oral cancer, esophagus cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer and female breast cancer.

8. White Flour

Refined white flour is the common ingredient in most processed foods. Its redundant carbohydrates shall be firstly condemned when referring to health problems. One research reveals that refined carbohydrates make the risk of female breast cancer increase by 220%. After eating high-sugar foods, the blood sugar of the whole body will rise rapidly, thus promoting the growth and diffusion of cancer cells. When the flour is refined in the mill, the usually used chemical substance is called chlorine gas, large inhalation of which will cause death. In choosing the healthiest flour, best consideration may be the flour not whitened.

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